To create the beautiful and to show it to the world. This is my goal. I had the chance to achieve it and I grabbed the opportunity.

By continuously using all the resources provided in my life and learning consciously from what I have received,  I have been getting forward step by step. I was an intern at one of Hungary’s leading photographers for more than 4 years. There, I experienced not only the secrets of  advert and fashion photography but I also learnt how to reveal the spirit lying deep within people.

For me, photography is not only a job but a profession of which I do my best. It is important for me to be up-to-date in style and able to change myself time to time and to keep my personality at the same time. It is inevitable to be unique, special, professional, able to renew; and besides, to be able to shake up people from their daily routine and place them into a new dimension where they can be who they really are. Or even more.

People desire something different, something new. Demolishing conventions is not a bad thing any more if you can achieve it by creating something better and more beautiful. An old saying says: a photo may steal one’s soul. What I do is to show their souls making my models feel they are not stolen from but given something new. And they become more!